The brief from the WEVC team was to create a new specialist Equine Veterinary Centre catering for multiple aspects of equine health. The facility needed to be simple yet elegant, provide practical and user-friendly buildings that were bespoke, and doing so whilst providing an ageless design.

This brief was met by keeping the scale and intensity of the development consistent with the surrounding area. The main idea behind the design was to keep it subtle yet identifiable, by using familiar forms and vernacular materials in a contemporary manner. Where possible local materials were used to help give the development a sense of place.

By doing this we have integrated a commercial activity into a rural/residential area harmoniously, resulting in a fit for purpose development which enhances the local community.

“The WEVC project epitomises a vision to deliver a project which not only looks good, but delivered a project which is inspiring, innovative and contributing to a wealthier Waikato. The values of the WEVC team to provide a facility that is replicated in their veterinary practice is demonstrated in the quality of the build which contributes to the architectural merit and urban design presence.” - Urban Design and Architectural Merit award nomination

Waikato Veterinary Equine Center Sign
Center Front view